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The Buddha’s Discourse on How to Deal with Doubtful Matters.

1.Mā AnussavenaBe not let by report.
2.Mā ParamparāyaBe not let by tradition.
3.Mā ItikirāyaBe not led by hearsay.
4.Mā PiṭakasampadānenaBe not led by the authority of texts.
5.Mā Nayahetu
6.Mā Takkahetu
Be not led by mere logic.
Be not led by inference.
7.Mā ĀkāraparivitakkenaBe not led by considering appearances.
8.Mā Diṭṭhinijjhānakkhantiyā

9.Mā Bhabbarūpatāya
10.Mā Samaṇo No Garū Ti
Be not led by the agreement with a considered and approved theory.
Be not let by seeming possibilities.
Be not let by the idea, "This is our teacher."