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Swimming Against the Stream of Thought

Why do you need to swim against the stream of thought?

Thought is the cause of dukkha. In actuality, the mind is pure; it is clear, bright and calm. When delusion is there instead of awareness-mindfulness, you are unable to see metal formations and thought. Therefore, anger, delusion, greed, defilements, craving, attachment and action arise.

The mind will not be natural or normal. That is the state of dukkha.

Thought with mental formations is the cause of suffering; therefore, you should know how to deal with it. The only means by which you can defeat thought and destroy mental formations are to have active awareness-mindfulness all the time and to be able to see thought every time it arises. This is the technique of swimming against the stream of thought. When your awareness is as fast as thought and mental formations, you will be able to see the process of thought and its beginning at that moment. Mental formations will be destroyed. You will achieve the State of Arising-Extinguishing of the Mind and no longer will the six internal sense-fields and the six external sense-fields be connected.

Hence, you will have influence over thought and emotion.

Anchalee Thaiyanond
30th July 2011

Against The Stream Of Thought II Ebook

Glossary of Terms

The State of Arising-Extinguishing of the Mind occurs only once in a lifetime to practitioners who achieve the last Ārammaṇa Vipassanā.

(Anchalee Thaiyanond)