Click here to read Against The Stream Of Thought II Ebook

For all the Dhamma seekers who were patiently waiting for the English version of “Against The Stream Of Thought II”, we would like to announce that it has been published. You can now read the ebook from this link.

Even though both Ajahn Anchalee and her assistant have been in poor health, the translation was finally finished in 2016. Ajahn Anchalee has selected the English words with caution and thoroughness in order to communicate the teachings and Dhamma to the readers as close or accurate to the meaning as possible. Since most of the content in the book are the Paramattha, Ārammaṇa Vipassanā and phenomenon, sometimes there is not an exact word for the Dhamma that Luangpor Teean and Ajahn Anchalee had experienced by their own paññā. Ajahn Anchalee tries to make the difficult and profound subjects understandable as much as possible for the readers. The non-Thai are very lucky to have opportunity to read these articles in English as they will be of benefit to everyone who practises awareness-mindfulness meditation according to Luangpor Teean, from the beginning to the end of the Path.

Thank you for your interest in the Paramattha-sacca website.

You will be released from suffering by panña, not by cleverness or contemplation.

(Luangpor Teean Jittasubho)