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Paramattha-sacca is the Absolute Truth; Ultimate Truth.

Luangpor Teean Jittasubho proclaimed that he had known, seen, understood and touched the Paramattha-dhamma with his ñāṇa-paññā by practising awareness-mindfulness meditation: developing awareness of body’s movement and seeing thought every time it arose. He eventually had paññā to know, see, understand and touch Ārammaṇa Paramattha or Ārammaṇa Vipassanā as follows:

The attainment of the State of "Kerd-Dab", which is a phenomenon of Dhamma, made Luangpor Teean enlightened the Ultimate Truth and the Law of Nature. This Truth is called "Paramattha-sacca".

Knowing the characteristic, the cause, the cessation and the path leading to the cessation of rūpa, vedanā, saññā, saṅkhāra, viññāṇa is to see, to know, to understand and to touch the highest level of Paramattha-dhamma or the Ultimate Truth that leads to Nibbāna.

Developing sati is Magga.

Seeing, knowing and understanding Paramattha-sacca is Phala.

If you do not attain the State of "Kerd-Dab", you will be unable to see, know and understand the highest level of Sacca-dhamma and Paramattha-sacca. Those are the Four Noble Truths and the "Secret" of the Five Khandha.

Therefore, Paramattha-sacca is the most important object that practitioners have to see, know and understand in order to attain Nibbāna and Enlightenment.

Anchalee Thaiyanond
3rd December 2010